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August 12, 2020

COVID-19 presents vast challenges, opportunities OPINION: State Rep. calls for new approach to school learning

By Jennifer Longdon Special to the Arizona Daily Star

* * * 

We need to change the existing perception of “achievement” and take a more holistic view of the student involved in learning, focusing on the development of social, emotional, creative, cognitive and physical skills — commonly referred to as the “whole learner approach” to education.

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The whole learner philosophy is predicated on research that found the interconnection between positive learning outcomes and systems that support a range of skills that all students need to thrive. By embracing this holistic approach to learning and development, we can create educational experiences that harness the diverse, dynamic ways in which students learn.

There are a lot of unknowns right now as the state of our country changes on a daily basis, but that unknown presents an opportunity.

We need to take advantage of policy momentum right now in Congress and Phoenix, where elected officials are working toward transformative paths and mechanisms to embrace new modes of learning as a result of the pandemic. We might not ever get another chance like this to significantly affect our education system.

Jen Longdon speaks to May 6 2020
Click on image above to watch video.

May 6, 2020​

I-TEAM: More families come forward raising concerns over group homes for people with autism

by Katie Wilcox, Bianca Buono,

Jennifer Longdon explains bill she sponsored that would require annual inspections of group homes for developmentally disabled people.

March 4, 2020​

Action plan created to streamline investigations at adult protective services

By Jamie Warren,

Jennifer Longdon applauds steps taken by Arizona Department of Health Services’ action plan to improve care of vulnerable of vulnerable adults and investigate abuse allegations.

February 10, 2020​

Disability-Related Bills Stemming From Phoenix Hacienda HealthCare Case To Get Hearings

Kathy Ritchie, KJZZ

Kathie Ritchie reports on the progress of bill sponsored by Jennifer Longdon, arising out of her work as chair of the Arizona House’s Ad Hoc Committee on Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults

January 22, 2020​

Audit needed of Arizona's Adult Protective Services, expert panel says"

Stephanie Innes, Arizona Republic

"A legislative task force headed by state Rep. Jennifer Longdon, a Phoenix Democrat, recently gave a list of 11 recommendations for improving the system of protecting vulnerable adults to the Arizona Legislature. One of the recommendations was for the Legislature to fund an independent audit of Adult Protective Services. Another was for legislation to create or identify and fund an agency to oversee vulnerable adults in Arizona."

January 21, 2020

How Arizona's system to protect vulnerable adults can fail them

Stephanie Innes, Arizona Republic

""I believe that the system is created by well-meaning, well-intentioned people who want this to work. We need to look at it in its totality to figure out where along this arc we are failing Arizonans," said state Rep. Jennifer Longdon, D-Phoenix, who is chair of a bipartisan House task force on vulnerable adults that formed after the Hacienda case.

There needs to be a better way for the public to access what has become a complex system — a "no wrong door" way for the public to get the help they need, she said."

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