Everyone Has a Right to a Quality Education.

Arizona’s founders enshrined the right to a quality, affordable education in our state constitution: 

The university and all other state educational institutions shall be open to students of both sexes, and the instruction furnished shall be as nearly free as possible. . . .

Arizona Constitution, Title 11 §6.

Our future economic stability depends on a vibrant workforce educated and trained for jobs in the 21st century. Yet, we are failing our founders’ vision — and our future — by strangling Arizona’s education system with endless cuts to the budget.

Jen is fighting for quality education for students from early childhood through higher education.  Education should not only be accessible to all, but it should also be affordable and attainable.

Our Priorities

Increase Education Funding.

Schools in Arizona need better funding to improve the learning conditions of students and the working conditions of teachers.

Jen is fighting for:

  • Additional funding for schools to use to increase salaries, decrease class sizes, provide additional support for students who need it, as local district schools see fit.

  • Lead monitoring and remediation funding as necessary to eliminate any concerns of lead in any of our schools – especially those schools in our neighborhoods.

  • Capital funds (District Additional Assistance) restoration to acceptable levels.

Expand Access to Early Childhood Education
& Related Programs.

Early childhood education can help prepare children for the rest of their lives. We must increase funding to our early childhood programs so every family in Arizona has access to high quality, life changing, early childhood education.

Jen is fighting for:

  • Improved access for high quality early childhood education.

  • Programming and partnerships that promote early childhood education, at a low cost.

Increase Charter School Transparency & Accountability

The State of Arizona provides more money per student it provides to district schools, yet charters pay their teachers less and spend twice as much per student on administrative costs.  

Although charters receive greater tax-payer funding than district schools, they are held to a lower standard of accountability and accessibility than district schools.  Every school receiving state funding should be held to the same standards.

Jen is fighting for:

  • Equitable state funding for district schools.

  • Identical public accountability standards for District schools and charter schools.

  • Appropriate consequence for any school who engages in discriminatory practices or uses tax dollars for personal gain.

Expand Access to Higher Education

Over the past decade, Arizona’s higher education has funding decreased dramatically, while published tuition at our universities has increased dramatically. These changes are making higher education unaffordable for Arizonans.

Community colleges are one of the greatest tools we have to promote equity for our citizens. Funding Maricopa and Pima County Community Colleges is a strong investment in our future.

Jen is fighting for:

  • Increased funding for our universities, without earmarking it for special interest groups’ pet projects in our schools.

  • Funding for our state’s community colleges and trade schools.

Your Education Priorities

Please share your education priorities with Jen:

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