Civil Rights
Many in our country still face discrimination for whom they love, gender identity, how they worship, the color of their skin or their perceived disability. And, when an individual identifies as member of multiple minority groups, their marginalization is multiplied. (Read more.)

Education (Details on Education)
Our future economic stability depends on a vibrant workforce educated and trained for jobs in the 21st century. Currently, we are failing our students by strangling the education system with cut-upon-cut to the budget. (Read more.)

Gun Violence Prevention
I am a gun owner. I am also the victim of gun violence as my paralysis is the result of a still-unsolved drive-by shooting.  Here are some of the measures I advocate for now and will continue to advocate for as a legislator (Read More).

Health Care
I know first-hand the necessity of health care and how damaging it is when individuals do not have access to the care they need. All Arizonans should have access to quality affordable health care because that access to care means lives are saved. (Read more.)